Sunday, August 21, 2005

A disturbance in the Force

CAUTION : this may be the rantings of an unstable pregnant women, but hay aren't they all pregnant or not!, only joking ladies

Mark has decided that he wants me to do an entry RIGHT NOW as I am having a massive FREAK OUT. I have happily said in the past that I am in denial and that was okay but sitting eating dinner with my famously calm and passive one I have realised I AM HAVING A BABY VERY SOON. Along with this thought came the questions like what kind of parent will I be?, Are they really sure the baby will fit out of there?, I won't have the same last name as my baby and will that even matter in the long run?, Do I have enough clothes for Peanut?, Will Peanut be safe in our house when we come home? And then came Where is all this sweat coming from and Oh My God I think I need to be SICK.

So after this I have decided that I am just not ready yet and Peanut is just going to have to wait until I am. His/Her mum said so. This may sound absolutely crazy to some people but right now I am making complete sense to myself and I can feel Mark trying not to laugh at me as he is sitting on the couch behind me. See he does not have freak outs and is just way too calm for my liking. When I am freaking out (like now) he is so full of comforting words, soothing we'll be okays and heaps of support. WELL it would be nice if once in awhile he was jumping up and down screaming with me and feeling totally ridiculous like I do right now. The most stupid thing is I know he is absolutely right and we will be perfectly FINE. The mind of a pregnant woman never stops going in circles. Mark's nephew would be so proud I have been doing constant donuts in my mind for 8 months now and we are just about out of rubber on the old tires and the old datsun 120Y is about to kick the bucket.

Well enough of that as I am starting to calm down a little and working on some new questions to ask Mark when I finish. On a lighter note we bought some beautiful Winnie the Pooh curtains today and they look great. I'll get Mark to take a photo and post it soon. Thanks for reading my freak out and I hope you either had a laugh or confirmed to yourself that I am completely nuts as I am sure to do when I read this in afew months. Take Care until next time.


P.s she has cried, laughed and is now eating chocolate all seems to be restored in the Force, all this and only 45 days to go.


De said...

Thanks for the laugh Bec.. I totally know where you are coming from though. My hub is ALWAYS calm about EVERYTHING. You'd think something would put his panties in a bind!!

..not that he wears panties but you get the idea. ha ha

We are almost there though!! What a ride, eh? Can you imagine if we didn't have chocolate? gah.

Angie said...

Glad that by the end of this post you are feeling better. As a mother of soon to be #4 let me tell you what I was told when I was pg with #1. You should have thought about not being ready 9 months ago. LOL

It is going to be a entirely different world when this baby is born. You can't even begin to imagine the changes in yourself, your way of life, your thoughts and dreams and hopes and desires and wishes. Don't fret over it. Don't get worked up over it. Try to enjoy the journey. This is one that no matter how many babies you have in the future you won't ever walk this same path again.

45 days will be a cake walk. :-)

DollyMama said...

You can do it! It is easier than you think it will be. New babies require pretty basic care, and you gradually build up from there. Feed, snuggle, keep dry and warm. You can do this.

A loving, thinking parent is a good enough parent. The details don't seem to really matter. I've had 6 kids and they are all kids with the same basic personality they had as newborns.

Don't bog yourself down with the details. If you run out of clothes, just wrap the kid up in a blanket while you get the laundry done. it'll all be ok. :)