Monday, October 17, 2005

Mummy spaeks about her Munchkin!

Hi Everyone

Well it has been an extremely big couple of weeks which is why I have not done a post. The little munchkin is sleeping and I have done the ironing for Mark's return to work so other than feeling like Wonder Woman right now I decided that it was relax time and I'd spend it doing a post!

Willow is doing great and is sleeping a little better and longer now that she is in her own room and bed. I think Mark has posted some photo's of her in her cot. It is so funny every now and then I will catch myself rubbing my tummy and talking to "Peanut" and then look down and there she is looking up at me with those big eyes she has. Everything she does it amazing and it is funny to me as being one of five I have seen babies do all this stuff before but when she does it there is just something about it that is different. I know because she is mine.

Dad is doing really well and I am really grateful to him for helping out so much. The only thing that he is not keen on doing is the dirty nappy changing at the moment but he reckons he is saving that up for when I go out and he has to do it! It was extremely funny the other night when Willow pooed on her change mat. I have never seen Mark move so quickly and then she followed up with a deposit in the bath the next night much to Mark's horror. She is not a spewy baby but really makes it up in the "wind" area!

Everyone has been so great to us and we have received so many little outfits and cards for her that she will be fully clothed for a long time yet and I have never seen so much pink! But I must say that it really suits her and she looks gorgeous. I am biased as I think she would look beautiful in anything. I am trying to save everything that we have been given for when she is older but I am starting to realise that I will eventually run out of room!

Well I can hear her start to fuss which means that she will be awake any moment and want some serious loves from her mummy or her daddy it just depends which one gets to her first! Congratulations to De and Krista on their new arrivals and I hope all is going well for you both. Next time I will post about the inter family bickering over who gets to hold Willow next and for how long. And a big well done to my dad who guessed the correct day that she would be born and a big sorry to everyone who didn't get a guess because I thought I still had some time to work with!

Take Care


de said...

Congratulations to you guys! Sounds like you are really enjoying being a Mommy.

It IS so fun! and amazing!

and dudE! My Mom guessed Owen's correct date of arrival too... WEIRD!

Angie said...

It will only get better.

Krista said...

Awesome post, thanks for sharing. You guys are melding into parenthood beautifully it sounds. Isn't it magic? Your little girl sounds wonderful and isn't it nice she's got so much love around her?