Thursday, November 03, 2005

I am Okay!!!

Hi Everyone

Well all is well today and I feel fine. I feel a little bad that I wrecked Mark's interview the other day but am happy that he could reschedule it for Sunday, much to his sisters disappointment. I could not believe the amount of pain I was in the other night, it totally felt like I was in labour all over again which is something I am not ready to do again ever. Everyone keeps telling me that I will change my mind but after the reminder, I think it all came back to me why I don't want any more kids.

Talking about kids willow is doing great and is the apple of everyone's eye. She really turned it on at the hospital the other night and really showed those crazy nurses, who thought that she would go happily into a cot and go straight to sleep, who was boss. They had a little trouble getting her to settle and it made me feel so much better that it wasn't just me. We have been so lucky with all our hospital stays, the nurses here are fantastic and can't do enough for you. I have really wanted to get them something but what can you buy the people that helped you in the first week of motherhood and helped bring your precious baby into the world? Chocolates and flowers seem totally not enough. They actually want to down grade our hospital where I had Willow (that one is in Sale) and they already downgraded our Maffra hospital afew years back now. Mark was born there and so where two of my brothers. The people in charge would quickly change their minds if they came here and received the same amount of care that I have.

Well as for sending the placenta to pathology I am not sure about that but I do think that the doctor that delivers the baby makes a judgement call on the look of the placenta and goes from there. I vaguely remember them telling me that mine was intact (Have you seen one of those things? They are really gross!) and fine. Things just happen sometimes.

Willow is just starting to find her voice and is getting really cheeky. Sometimes I lay down and feed her on our bed and when I take her boobie away from her before she is ready she starts grunting at me! It is really cute especially when she gets it back and does a big sigh. Anyway she is starting to call my name which consists of WAHHHHHH!!! at the moment. Thanks for everyone's comment on me getting better they were much appreciated and I will get Mark to update if anything happens. Take Care everyone and I will write again soon.


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Krista said...

Hooray, hooray, all is well!
And I'm glad Willow sounds like she's doing great too. Thanks for sharing Rebecca, especially about her little 'grunts' and 'sighs' that's what it's all about. Lovely.