Friday, January 20, 2006

Mum's Turn To Write

Hi Everyone.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post again but it seems like the days just fly. One minute I am getting up and the next it is time to go to bed. But it is excellent being a mum. Willow is just amazing right now. She is so alert and is trying to push her bounds to see what she can do. Everyday she is doing something new. I always say to my mum that I have seen my brothers and sister do all this before but when I see her do it it totally amazes me. She is getting so big now and I had to clean out her drawers again the other day. I almost cried when I came across her 00000 suit that she first wore. I put it up next to her and she was so little. I have asked Mark to take a photo but we haven't got around to it yet as we've been watching her try and roll.

Well Mark has slipped into the roll of Daddy so well and is now a full on nappy changer. He still freaks out about the dirty ones and always asks Willow why she did that to Dadda. She just smiles and goos at him and he turns to mush. I tell you now she has him under the thumb!!! Mark was never a person who really wanted kids early in our relationship but once we found out he researched everything from cots to toys. He also started this blog as a way to show Willow when she is older the ways he felt and what he went through. I always believed that he would make an excellent dad. So other than being a big softy he is also an amazing man who dearly loves his family. It absolutely makes my day when I see him hold his daughter and she looks at him with only pure love in her eyes.

Anyway everyone is still asking me when am I having another one. Obviously right now I am still saying what other one? Maybe the whole being sick after having her has made me not even think of having another as people I know are already planning their next already. That really freaks me out but as Mark said we'd have to have them close together if we were to have another so maybe but there must be promises of better drugs next time not this "fantastic" epidural that doesn't even work for me. Anyway technically I've already been in labour again this year so it is still really fresh in the memory.

People are now really used to Willow's name and we have even met afew people who have heard the name elsewhere. One woman was 24 and it was her name. Her mum said that in all those years our Willow was the first she had heard other than her daughter. I even got afew comments at our first parents group that we went to. That was pretty good and I am looking forward to going again this week. As we had Lorna's service on we missed this week but we will be there again on Tuesday. The other mum's there seemed really nice. I knew afew that were in our child-birth classes and they were also in hospital at the same time so I was pretty comfortable going. Anyway I can hear the mooky (one of many pet names Dadda has for her) getting worked up for a feed so I will sign off now and I will write again soon.
Take Care Everyone.


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Krista said...

Just saying hi Rebecca and enjoyed your post...thanks for catching us all up on how you're doing!
Willow is just gorgeous.