Thursday, February 02, 2006

Willow's Needles = Freaked Out Mummy

Hi Everyone.

Another post so soon, I am doing really well at the moment! Things have been going well the last few weeks and I have been having a lot more time to myself now that Willow is occupying herself more. Tomorrow is going to be a huge day as she is having her 4 month needles and they really freak me out. Last time I swear that I did most of the crying. She copes really well until about 4 o'clock and then gets a little grumpy but last time the panadol fixed it straight away. I hope it is the same tomorrow. Mark has to hold her as I just can't, I know it is really wimpy but needles really frighten me and I don't want her to get upset and stressed before she has them.

She is getting so big now and so exciting. Everyday she is learing something new and it surprises me what she already knows. I think that she is a genius but most people say she doesn't know what she is doing . I like my theory and I am sticking to it. Now that she is a little older I am more confident going out and seeing people. Now with mother's group and afew other people that I know who have babies I am turning into a real social butterfly. It's also good for Willow as she loves being out and not stuck in the house all day with just her boring old mummy.

We have been talking about another baby lately and I'm really not ready for another just yet. I think with all the problems I had after I had her have made me think again but Mark wants the other soon as he wants them to be close in age. I do want another baby but right now I like the thought of having the option not really the reality. It also worries me with all the things I am supposed to do with Willow everyday how will I find the same amount of time for the next one? I know that majority of the time the second grows and learns faster to keep up with the older one but that's not really fair on them. But I suppose everyone says it is easier with the second.

Other than that nothing really much happens. Mark is planning our next trip overseas and I am looking forward to it but this time it will be so different having Willow there with us. By then she will be older and almost ready to celebrate her 1st birthday. Re-reading that makes me think that it is not that far away at all. Time absolutely flies when you are having fun. I can't wait to have her birthday party. But before that we have to have her christened. I am still debating which church I will have her christened in but at the end of the day I don't really think it matters and Mark is not that fussed. Anyway dinner is almost ready and I had better feed dadda's little turkey before I have tea so she'll is happily in her chair while I eat.

Hope all is going well and everyone is doing great. Take Care.

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LynAnne said...

Hope the immunizations weren't too painful for either one of you! The first time I made my husband stay with my daughter. I'm a wimp, I know :)

You are wise to think twice about another baby right away. I have two close in age and wouldn't want to do that again. My oldest was 9 months old when I got pregnant again. The next 4 years were...well...challenging.

I can't deny that I haven't been thinking about another one also. Maybe it's just a honeymoon phase right now? My little girl is all smiles, she's easy to hold and stays in one place. That soon will change, I know... :)