Monday, March 06, 2006

My Baby Is Growing

Hi Everyone!

I have kept my promise of more posts lately although they are still few and far between! Willow is going great guns at the moment and as Mark posted the other day she has a tooth! My baby is getting so big. My mum found it on Friday night (It was after I called you Rachel) and to say I was surprised was an understatement. Mum is always rubbing her gums to check them and this time she says "She's got a tooth!". My reply of "She has not" was from pure shock I swear but mum laughed and said "Have a feel then". After I had finished sticking my fingers in her mouth to feel it, I got alittle teary. I am not usually an overly emotional person but everytime a milestone has come up I seem to shed afew tears! It is very embarrassing for me but everyone else seems to have gotten used to it now.

Anyway the tooth explains alot of things. She has not been sleeping well at all, dribbling heaps, has been alittle moody lately and got her first ever nappy rash. But she has never slept well at all so I just thought that she had gone back to her old ways and that she was rebelling from being taken to sleep school. Plus she started dribbling at 3 and a half months and the woman at the chemist told me I was nuts to think that she would be teething at that age. I tried to point out to her that I live with this little person and she is my child so I think I would know but the old bat wouldn't help so I went to the supermarket and bought the same stuff at half the price!

She is now at the stage where we are able to turn her car seat around but I am going to leave that another week as I don't think I can stand anymore of this growing up stuff! I can't believe she is already 5 months old and there are still some people I run into down the street who have not seen her. Toys are her new thing. She has just discovered the different types and the different noises they make. She likes most of them but gets very frustrated when she rolls on them and then she continiously grunts at me until I come and help her.

My mothers group has started a babies only playgroup that will start after the school holidays and I am really looking forward to that starting. We've had some problems but I suppose that they are all just trying to do the right thing by their own kids which is what I am doing as well. But I am just not into the exclusion of some people, as that was a problem that I thought that I would face when Willow is a teenager. I wasn't bought up to be like that and I don't want Willow to be like that either. She has a beautiful nature that I hope stays with her.

Anyway I have dribbled on for long enough (lucky I have plenty of bibs!!!) so take care and I will post again soon.


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de said...

I can't believe she has a tooth! Woohoo! You can see and feel the white dots on Owen's gums but they just aren't popping. He got a nasty rash too... so I wonder when.

Sounds like life with Willow is fun! More photos! Please!