Sunday, June 19, 2005

Day Off.

I love my new counter that I have posted on the site as of today it tells me where you are from and that is info I like to know. Its a bit more effective than my guest map as you don't have to pin or sign anything but by all means please continue to pin my quest map.

Rebecca likes to get out of the house on my days off its like the only chance some weeks as I have the car at work. Day off today Rebecca and I went to Sale to the Farmers market nothing special never is but there is a stand that sells the best fudge you can find today we bought some Irish Cream, Rocky road and peppermint crisp fudge and as usual it was really nice the rocky road was "Heaven".

We headed to the Shopping complex for a look around checked out the baby section in target I think I am nearly over the whole baby section at my local target nothing new just the same old same old. Went to Go-Lo who where having a sale I picked up 2 James Bond Special Edition Sean Connery movies for $5.00 each which was great as I already have 5 other Bond DVD's.
We went and hired some movies as Rebecca had a voucher from when she joined Magnum Video so we could get a free overnight rental and 5 weeklies. We hired national treasure with Nicholas Cage ( who happens to be in Melbourne filming Ghost Rider his new movie) which I found to be really good much like the Indiana Jones movies.

Doctors appointment coming up this Wednesday just the routine monthly check up where we get to hear the babies the heart, the doctor checks Rebecca's blood pressure and Rebecca's sugar levels in her urine (lucky doctor that would be a pissy job!).

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De said...

Fudge sounds so good... I think I know what we're doing this weekend!