Thursday, January 01, 2015

Wyld family Travel: The Post Cafe Parisian Life

Wyld family Travel: The Post Cafe Parisian Life: On the corner of  Boulevard Rochechouart and Rue de Steinkerque lies the Post Cafe in the Montmartre district of Paris. Walk out of the Anve...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well Willow has just turned 8 i started this 8 .5 years ago. not many posts since the invent of facebook. We have just come back from Europe and Willow loved the holiday along with her sister marley

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the man cave

My shed has always been a bain of contention between myself and Rebecca. Rebecca wanted a car and i wanted the shed so as she always says "you always get what you want". The shed was always there but it was like an open car port with a wall at the back. So it was built into a room. In the room now is a futon, bar, pool table, tv, stereo . Along with that the walls are adorned with beer banners, sports memorabilia and the roof covered wit beer placards. A true man cave and shed if there every was one. The shed was not just my man cave but it was to also be a place for friends to stay if we have guests from out of town and a place to entertain as our house is pretty small. Over the last few years as space has become a premium in our house due to kids and just the general amassing of shit that you collect my shed started to feel the brunt of this .Over time as the kids got more clothes and more clothes the old started to head to the shed. At its peak it probably contained 20 plus boxes of clothes plus shoes and all the other kids stuff that had past its used by date. Now my wife bless her and i love her but she has a slight problem with throwing clothes out.Thankfully her friend hayley persuaded her it was time to get rid of them. So slowly over the last month my shed has been in a transformation a bit like wheat turning into beer my shed has slowly gained its inner glow back and as of yesterday there is no more kids stuff in it and its returned to looking like the drinking den it was meant to be. Must say i am very proud of my wife for getting rid of it all and now just one thing left is to get her to agree to sell the rocking chair she used to beast feed in.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

the Gooch

had a rather funny conversation about gooches last night one of those things where too much alcohol was involved

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


well i am back two posts in two weeks. Well work these days finds me working in disability support. I work at 4 different places George Gray Centre which is day placement like school for people with disabilities, Yooralla and E.w Tipping which are residential units for them to live in and Vista who have independent clients that live on there own but just need some guidance.

Alot of people say to me that it must be very rewarding to do that sort of work.I never really think of it that way though i got evolved when i needed a job so to me it was just a job. I like the job that i do and if that make a person with a disability happy then so be it i have done a good job. I am pretty lucky in the fact that i dont have alot of high needs clients that need bathing and toileting. Alot of the activities i do with them are recreational i go swimming, bike riding, fishing, go for a drive have a BBQ, Go the movies things like that. The money is pretty good well better than being a slave to Gerry harvey at Harvey Norman selling beds and shite like that.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

wow well over 12 months since i have posted anything on here. The need to blog these days is gone facebook has washed a massive wave over the blogging planet making it very un needed to communicate with friends. Blogging was like a revelation at the start i totally enjoyed writting posts and putting up pictures.But blogging like facebook does not allow you tell the real truth often because of the the people who are attached to your pages reading your every word may be the ones you dont want reading what you really want to say. If anyone out there reads this drop me a comment i would love to know if there are any people left in blogger land. Maybe now is a good time to start blogging again since no one close to me is still reading it.!!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

well once again its been too long but my absence has still left me with nothing to say

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well easter has come and gone again. I spent my easter working all four days but hay such is life

Sunday, March 21, 2010

hi all

Hi all well yes i am still alive and so is the family its been nearly 12 months since i blogged. Facebook and other social networks seems to have made blogging obsolete, its alot easier to let people know what is going in your life. Since its been so long no one probably reads it anymore but hay.

The girls are growing up very fast with Willow turning 5 this year, how crazy is that she will be off to school next year. Marley well she is nearly 2 and into everything she is just plain made. Into absolutely everything a one baby wrecking machine who keeps both bec and i eternally busy.

Have over the last 12 months been getting together some camping equipment as i have wanted to take the girls camping. Well a couple of weeks ago we went on our first camping trip to Buchan Caves. I had to borrow a trailer off a mate to fit everything in but we got there ok. We camped out for 3 nights with some friends and had a ball. It was a great place to stay and there was lots of wildlife. Kangaroo's and possums everywhere especially at night. The possums would come around our camp and eat the food scraps. Planning another camping trip later in the year after our Wedding.

will update again hopefully!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is SHASTAR the newest member of our Family who has so far cost a small fortune
Four days after we bought Shastar home willow dropped her and broke her toes so off to the vet and about $250 later she was home with the cast on.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Well once again its been over 3 months since my last post.
I think the advent of Facebook has stopped a lot of people's need for having a blog when you can post short notes on there and all your friends are linked. Technology moves on again!!.

Marley turned one the end of last month, 12 months gone already it has flown by. She walks, waddles and generally brings havoc and mess to the household everyday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well 3 months since my last post i have really let this get away from me. I think the personal blog is dying quick these days with the advent of facebook and twitter ect. Everyone can know what you are doing by just logging onto there. I must admit i have had lots of fun with this blog and i will endevour to keep posting and post more regualr here.

Easter has come and gone again for another year we spent part of it in lakes Entrance at my parents house. Rebecca and i had some time to sneak off to the Water Wheel tavern in lake Tyers for a pint or 2 of Guinness. Its just such a great pub on the foreshore of the lake over looking the ocean. The night we where out there there where some people out in the middle of the lake letting off fireworks. I mean good fireworks too not little ones big big suckers that lit the lake up and echoed around the valley it was excellent.

Been buying some camping gear, got a tent yesterday its a beauty 9 person dome tent. We plan on doing some camping in the summer months with some friend who are also keen to do it. I think it will be good for the girls to experience camping in there childhood. When i was little i have some very fond memories of family camping trips to Wilson's Promotory, Lakes Entrance and even one to Sydney. In todays hard economic times it makes sence to go camping. Its cheaper way cheaper , you can probably get a camp site for 5 days for what it would cost you for one night at an apartment or a flat. Even cheaper if you bush costs you nothing to camp. Bec being FEMALE though says we cant go anywhere where there is no toilet ,i told her take a shovel and dig a hole. Anyway willow and i are going to set the tent up Saturday night and camp out in the backyard just to see how it goes and make sure all the parts are there, she is really excited about it.

Kids are doing fine marley is standing up and trying walk in bits but she is so fast moving around you have to watch her all the time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

It has been a long time. Mark has been struggling to find things to write about lately so he has asked me to finally do a post! We are all doing great. I had my 30th birthday party on Saturday night (my birthday is on 25th December) and had a great time! We had old Harvey Norman friends there and some of my playgroup friends there as well. I got absolutely spoilt by everyone, especially my friend Emily, her partner Andrew and their wonderful kids Tye and Imogen. She even got me a cake, the first that is not at all associated with christmas in afew years! Everyone needs friends like them. It was also nice that some friends that we have not seen in awhile came as well. We had some problems awhile back and it seems to be sorted now, which is great!

Well onto my babies. Willow is getting ready to start 3's kinder in February. We have been shopping for some things for her and I think she is very excited. I'm more on the scared side. It has come so fast and I just thought that it wouldn't. I know that I am going to cry on the first day and she is going to just wave goodbye and have a great time! Marley, well she is just unstoppable! She's commando crawling all over the place. She thinks she is pretty special when she gets into Willow's room and Willow is listening to one of her Hi-5 C.D's. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth! Willow swears she is dancing and loves it! The only problem is she is so quick and she's discovered the two holes in our bathroom floor an heads straight for them. So now we have to have the door shut which is a problem for Willow!

This warm weather has been hard on Marley, she doesn't seem to deal well with it. But she is a water baby! We took both the girls down to the pool and she is more than happy to paddle around the baby pool in her floater! Because she can touch the bottom she can push off and go wherever she likes! Willow loves it too. We are finally seeing the benefits of having her in swimming lessons for nearly 2 years! She is very confident but sometimes too confident.

Mark and I have not been up to much. He has just been working and playing golf. Some people have the life! If he is not playing golf he's talking to his golf "boyfriends", watching golf or unfortunately crapping on to me about bloody golf. I am now officially a golf widow!I am supposed to be going back to work at the start of next month but I am thinking of leaving it till later. Marley is still feeding so I will re-assess it in a couple more months. There's no hurry, plus because she is my last baby I want to spend as much time with her as possible, she's grown so fast!

Anyway hope this finds you all well and having a great new year so far! I will try to post more things more often or give some ideas to Mark!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Well the silly season has come and gone again and we have it all to look forward to again this year.

I had to work on Christmas day for a few hours which was ok it was pretty busy so time went fast. It was from 2.00pm till 5.30pm so it was mid afternoon and i still got to have Christmas lunch and dinner with our respective families. The Anderson's for Lunch and the Wyld's for dinner.The kids got plenty of presents as one would expect. Willow seems more keen to play with marley's toys than her own.

On the 27th we went down to Seaspray for the afternoon to see Scott and rachel as they where camping down there again this year. It was not a very good day sun was out but it was windy. Willow was very keen to go in the ocean. We went down there and there was a channel when you first get in there about 3 foot deep and about 10 foot wide then a very shallow sand bar about a foot deep. Willow was fine until she wanted to chase a wave in and fell into the deeper channel. And that was it she was out of there in a flash and used one of her favorite saying "I don't think thats a good Idea!". Spent the afternoon down there having some beers and chatting.

Went to lakes Entrance on New Years eve and had a BBQ at my parents house. My sister and brother where there. We stayed and watched the kids fireworks at 9.30pm and then drove back to maffra arriving back at 11.35. Got the children into bed and asleep waited till the clock struck 12 and we where in bed by 12.03am 1st january 2009. It was probably the quietest New Years Eve i have spent since turning 18.

Some hot weather has finally struck in the New years had a few days over 30 in the last few weeks. We took willow out swimming the blue pools near Briagolong on Tuesday she loved it its a beautiful spot out in the bush with a great fresh water swimming hole.

I have to work all weekend this week which sucks but hay a man has to make a living some how i guess but i could think of better ways to do it but hay it allows me plenty of time to spend with my girls and even allows the odd game or two of golf every week.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well its here again wishing everyone a happy christmas and a safe new years

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heading back to Yarram today to play golf again as i will miss Maffra golf tommorow. Looking forward to takling Yarram again and this time coming out on top of it.

Going to Melbourne Tommorow on the train with my Rebecca and the kids plus Rosie, Steven and my Mum we are taking the kids to show them the Christmas windows at Myer in the city and do some last minute Christmas shopping. My mate Detmar in Munich has been asking for a polo top with Melbourne on it so i will finally get the chance to buy him one.It will be the first time i have travelled to melbourne on the train since i was a teenager and its quiet cheap if you have concession only $17 return.

I have to work a few hours on Christmas day from 2 till 5.30 which is not too bad as i still get to have Christmas lunch and Dinner but i am straight back there boxing day morning at 4am but hay what can one do when you work at a business that is open 365 days of the year and 20 hours a day they want the dollars and us minions just help them make it.

Marley is such a rabbit she is always rolling around and moving she is wanting to crawl and brings the knee's up under her and gets so frustrated that she cant move but it will happen soon, she has also started eating solid foods well puree anyway. Marley and Willow are so different so different Willow is such a little princess and Marley is very easy going. I tell Rebecca that Willow is like her and Marley like me.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ventured 80 kilometers down the South Gippsland Highway to Yarram Golf Course today for a hit. Had a 79 which is to handicap but had to do it the hard way with 3 birdies in the last 5 holes. Its a very hard course if you dont hit the fairway off the tee and i missed too many fairways today.

My golf Mate Shaun Little in Action

Approach to Par 5 14 hole

Par 4 Eighteenth at Yarram Golf Club

well its been an eventful couple of weeks.

Marley ended up in hospital for two nights she had the onset of phenonia ,flu (not sure how to spell it. She and Rebbecca spent a couple of nights at Gippsland Base Hospital in Sale in the paediatrics ward. Marley is now fine and all good. Willow also had a cold at the same time so i was looking after her at home and what a pain she was all i herd was dad, dad", dad" DAD" get me this get me that.

On Saturday gone we went to Traralgon to the annual family christmas get together, it was good to catch up with family members i always look forward to having a beer with my cousins Sharon and Simon. Speaking of cousins congrts to Fionna on having her second baby.

Christmas is fast approaching again another year gone by where does the time go thankfully all the girls Christmas shopping is done signed sealed and delivered. I have to work a few hours on the big day buts thats ok as i am having a day off on the monday after it.Scott and Rachel are heading down to Seaspray so we will go and see them for 2 days.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well its been well over a month since i last updated yes i am getting slack and the blog just does not do it for me as it once did so i would say that post will get more and more less frequent as time goes by.

Well isn't it good to see petrol prices falling finally it has come down by around 40 cents a liter here but that nothing compared to the 100 dollars a barrel that oil has come down. We are just unlucky that the Aussie dollar's arse has fallen out of it other wise it would be much cheaper still.

On Saturday went to a BBQ at Lee Blakes house which was great it was also attended by some other old mates like Hags. Scott and Rachel made the trip down from Melbourne and a good time was had by all. I got stuck into the Woodstock 9 percent Bourbon Cans that lee did not like. I can tell you i was highly pissed by the end of the night and don't remember much of the trip home.

Marley is growing all the time she was 5 months old yesterday and she already has 3 teeth. She just rolls around every where. We have started her on farax ( infant rice cereal)and she loves it. She is such a different baby than willow so much easier less demanding.One similarity is that both have never had a dummy or even wanted one when offered . I think thats good as its one less thing they need to be taught to give up. Willow is now very much fully toilet trained she does both wee and poo on the toilet which is great she still wears a nappy to bed but come the warmer weather we will do away with that too.

Have not been playing so much golf lately but still about once a week, i love playing my golf and its a real challenge or frustration depending on the day. Golf is the greatest solo sport on the planet you play one day and play really well and you can come out the nest day and play like shit for no apparent reason. It does my Fucking head in sometimes!.