Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Queens Birthday Holiday

Happy Queens Birthday Long Weekend to all Australian who have Monday off, the queen has got to be good for something I guess since she is really not our Queen anyway its only because the British colonized our country and we no longer need her or want her but that's a hole other story.

My sister rosie and her husband garry seem to be as excited as we are about the baby and have been continually buying us stuff for the baby and garry has been helping me with the room and will help me with the back porch when we get fully started. Rosie only lives about 500 meters down the street from us so I am sure she will be great help when the baby arrives.

Is it me, maybe it is, maybe it isn't but do pregnant women get more moody as the pregnancy goes along?. Rebecca had been fine till the last week and now she seems very moody and emotional and seems to cry at the drop of a hat, I know its not her fault. Rebecca gets very lonely as her best friends live in Queensland and I am no match in the conversation stakes for these women because I am not a women and don't really understand you women anyway.

Onto Peanut well I think I felt him move for the first time yes I am sure I did but everytime Rebecca says come over and fell he/she goes quiet and stop's moving it pretty funny as Rebecca gets frustrated at it and mad at me because I say I have plenty of time to feel it move.

any new readers out there please place a pin on my quest map as I love knowing where you are all from.

Also if anyone can help me out with a g-mail account I would be very grateful

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De said...

Sent you an invite, let me know if you need more although I think you'll get some too with your new account. But whatever, if you need'em..

I know how Rebecca feels when you guys don't get your ass in gear and come and feel the baby!daymiT! It's just totally weird and she only wants to share it with you... it seriously is amazing but just insane at what our bodies do & the whole growing a human being inside you. AH.