Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Detmars gift

My birthday was uneventful as usual went to work and had dinner with Rebecca. Went out for Dinner on Saturday night with the family.

The bright spot was when I got home and had received a parcel from my friend Detmar in Munich. He told me a month or so ago that he was sending Rebecca and I a parcel and I had forgot all about it. We opened it to find 40 blocks of German chocolate, yes 40 that's right, I had been trying not buy Rebecca chocolate but that totally out the window. Also included was a t-shirt with castle Nymphenburg on it ( detmar lives close by this in Munich) that Rebecca is pictured wearing, 2 towels one with a German Beer on it, one with coke on it and a Stieff Boar teddy bear, and book about Germany's finest gardens.

I met Detmar when I was in Munich in 1999 and got taken to the hospital ( why is a whole other story) where he works as I was sick and he was the emergency Nurse that treated me. He loves Australia and has been here several times and on one occasion a aussie in Perth helped him and his partner out by taking them to a chemist to get some medicine so he saw me as a perfect opportunity to pay one back to an Aussie. He came to visit me most days in the ward bought me books to read and even took me to the airport once I was discharged and we have been friends ever since. Rebecca and I went to Munich in 2003 and stayed with him and he took some time off work and showed us around Munich and then took us on a driving tour that went from one end of Germany to the other. Detmar truly is a great friend for life and I cant wait to catch up with him agagin for a few cold beers either in Munich or Australia.

Rebecca has been feeling well and the tummy continues to grow as we near full term ( as the pic shows). She is starting to find things a bit harder to do especially if there is any bending involved and it can be quiet funny from my point of view watching her trying to get out of bed or dressed, I try not to laugh. Our regular doctor is wasy this week so we have to see doctor James instead he is ok he treated me when I had sore ribs he is from Zimbabwe.

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