Monday, September 26, 2005

The car Show

The Maffra car shed had an American car exhibition on today. Rebecca and I went down this morning to have a look and was very surprised with the amount of cars and people who where there. There was a wide range of cars and not all where American but plenty of classic Fords from the early 19th century and even a V8 super car ( for all you foreigners a V8 super car races in our biggest car racing series in the country similar to NASCAR in the U.S).

Rebecca was puffed out after walking around the display she has had the flu for a week now which combined with pregnancy is not helping at all, she has been coughing and sneezing for days know knot to mention the amount of tree's that would have been chopped down to make all the tissue's getting used. The baby's room is now officially finished we put a heater in yesterday (high up on the wall), a hook in the roof and finished cupboard door well Gary ( brother inlaw) did most and I am very thankfully when it comes to home maintenance I am what you would call"challenged" or retarded in that area.

Only 10 days to the due date I say bring it on and bring it on now!.

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