Monday, October 03, 2005

The Arrival of Willow Paris Wyld

Well she is here finally

Rebecca woke em up at 1.45am to tell me her water had broken my first reaction was to say are you sure!. So I jumped straight up and we rang the baby's ward at the hospital to talk to a midwife and she advised us to try and stay at home till maybe 7am as Rebecca was not having any contractions at that stage..

The contractions started about 15 minutes later so Rebecca decided to take a bath while I updated the world with the information that we are off to the hospital. Having rang our parents we headed off to the Gippsland Base Hospital in sale about a 15 minute drive away. We where put in a delivery room at about 4.15am anf where to have our first of 3 midwives for the day.

We where informed that everything was moving along well and we where in the final stages of labor, I wish that had been true!. Rebecca was 3 cm dialated at 6.45 am when midwife one finishes and midwife 2 started Things seemedto be going along well at this stage Rebecca did not seem to be suffering real bad she had been sucking on the gas and was handling the contraction well. Wilma Rebecca mum arrived at about 6.30 am.

By10.30 things where starting to get more painful and hard so we opted for an epidural the doctor was called in and after 2 attempts it was in the first time he got a blood vessel in the back. An hour later the eppidural still did not seem to be working so the doctor gave her a stronger batch a medicine which seemed to work better but not as well as it should. By 12 Rebecca was 5-6cm dialated and In some real pain you feel pretty helpless when whenRebecca is on the table pleading with us to help her and make it stop I can tell you, because there is nothing you can do.

By around 1pm we where 8 com dialted and nearly 12 in at this stage and the doctor had been in to check afew times our doctor was away for the weekend which was a huge disappointment for Rebecca as our doctor had delivered her brothers. By 2pm we where fully dialtaed and reading to start pushing. Why you women would want to do this to yourself I will never know I would be childless if I was a women that's for sure.

Rebecca started pushing and after an hour there still no progress the baby's head was in the birth canal but just would not come out. Well midwife 2 down and onto midwife 3 and doctor 3 at 4pm the decision was made to suck it the baby out along with Rebecca help. So at 4.45 pm along with some help and some big pushing from Mum Willow Paris Wyld joined the world to a stream of tears from her mother and father.

So far I am very impressed with my daughter for the 3 hours I spent with her yesterday she cried for a total of a minute was not even crying when they pulled her out.


Angie said...

You think we do this to ourselves?!?!!! Shame on you! The baby is beautiful! :-)


Krista said...

Heh-heh that's funny Angie, I never caught on to that one, I was too busy soaking in all the details..
Thanks again for sharing Mark. Rebecca you did so great, Mark must feel so proud of you and you must feel like you can do anything now! Isn't that an amazing thing to watch Mark? There is nothing like it.