Saturday, October 29, 2005


My boss Stuart has informed me that I will not be the only one going for a job interview about Ireland but the good thing is that they will be opening more stores every year overseas, Harvey Norman have saturated the Australian market with over 150 stores Australia wide and all they are doing by opening more stores is taking away business from themselves.

Now the dilemma is does Rebecca really want to go she says she does but I think she only does because I really want to go and have always wanted to live in Europe and maybe she is doing it just to support me because it will be very hard for her as she will have no family or friends around to help with Willow or just to even give her a break. It would be very easy to stay here and be happy with what we have got but the lure of running my own store and living in Europe is something I just wont give up on as it can set us up for life, its a bit of a make or break situation if we go and succeed it will be great we will be financially well off and if we go and don't succeed or don't like it and come back we will have nothing as I wont have a job to come back too. I suppose its one of those opportunities you just have take a blind leap of faith and hope you land on your feet.

Ireland is one of the dearest countries in Europe to live in, but its the traveling side that gets me only an hour to London, Paris, Amsterdam and no more than 3 hours to anywhere in Europe and only 5-6 hours to New York. When I have 2 days off we could take off to one of these places or just even go for a drive and everything will be new.

Like I said it would be easy to stay here and just cruise through life without taking a risk but hay I am not usually a risk taker but I think this risk may be worth it.

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