Monday, October 10, 2005

willow update

Well what can I say about my daughter amazing, beautiful, strong are just a few words that come to my mind at present. I was a very reluctant father did not really want to have kids but at this moment I don't know why I did not do it earlier

She is doing really well sleeping great during the day and starting to at night last night she slept from 11 pm till 6 am which was great for some sleep and she is always kicking her legs around and already she can lift her head slightly. She hates having a bath and always cries at this stage which upsets mum abit I think but she knows she just doesn't like being undressed ( hope that continues till she is atleast 20).

Rebecca is doing fine and is doing a great jon being a mother she has been tires as you can all understand and I have been looking after willow while she sleeps at times.


laura said...

Wow - she's so cute! I'm glad to read that your lovely daughter has arrived and is healthy! I hope that your wish for 20 years comes true :)

Sobia said...

ha ha about the 20 too for that! It's good that you are helping out so's hard for the body to recuperate after birth..she needs her rest. :)