Wednesday, November 02, 2005

All is well at the Moment

Rebecca is home from hospital this morning. The doctor let her leave hospital today but she has to drink plenty of fluids, keep taking Nurifin and we have to go for an ultrasound today at lunch time.

After we got to the hospital and doctor James has already given her a shot of pethadean Rebecca got a good nights sleep, the doctors think it may be a bit of the placenta still in the belly and uterus is working to try and get rid of it, so we are home unless the ultrasound shows up anything


Krista said...

When you said she was in severe abdominal pain that's exactly what came to my mind immediately, the placenta. I know two woman who have had that happen to them. Not fun, but she'll come out all right...I just hope you are fairing okay with little Willow during all of this. Sending "get well" vibes your way. And thanks for not leaving us hangin too long!

Angie said...

This really suprises me beyond everything. Don't they send the placenta to pathology to make sure all was expelled after the birth over there? They do here in the states. I am praying all will go well and there will be no infection.