Monday, December 26, 2005

christmas presents

Well the big day is over again for another year thank god for that I say now onto New Years Eve which we will be spending in Lakes Entrance at my parents house again its good it down by the beach and they have a couple of fire works displays one at 9.30 for kids and another at 12 midnight.

Well now to the Christmas presents

I received:

1 x Rip Curl T-Shirt
1 x Quicksilver T-Shirt
1 x Mambo track pants
1 x Piping Hot Board Shorts
1 x map and flag book of the world
1 x Kahula chocolate sauce
1 x gift voucher for a kilo of Scotch Fillet Steak ( yes a strange present but I never said that Rebecca was normal)

Rebecca received:

1 x Calvin Klien Eternity Perfume
1 x Eternity hand cream
1 x Louis Vuitton Purse
1 x Phil Collins live in Paris DVD
3 x PJ pants
1 x heart shaped box
1x Tigger Night Shirt
1x sexy ligerie ( which is like a present for me aswell)
and a heap of clothes off my mother, sister, and her family

We had lunch out at the Anderson Ranch ( Rebecca's Family) and Bec's brother got a slug gun for Christmas which was great we went out and shot bottles, cans and targets it was excellent fun I may have to buy one.

We went to my Parents for tea in lakes Entrance and we where going to stay there the night and the portable cot decided to malfunction and would not stay up so at 11.10pm we headed home for the hour and a half journey back to maffra so willow could sleep safely we will have to work something out before next weekend,

hope all had a great Christmas drop me aline and tell me what you all got in presents

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