Friday, December 16, 2005

Euro Trip

Well my plans for a trip to Europe in June 06 are well under way I got on FIFA's world cup website and applied for my ticket to see Australia versus Brazil In Munich on June 18 I wont find out till start of January if I get a ticket.

I rang my friend Detmar in Munich the other day and asked if we could come over and stay and as usual his hospitality was second to none he said yes come and stay and he will take a week off and show us around Bavaria.

We also plan on going to England and catching up with some friends one of my closest friends Griff is in London and Alan lives in Leicester, Davis in St Helans and my cousin Fionna in Manchester, only want to spend a week in England is the exchange rate is a killer.

still need to fill in a couple of weeks elsewhere which I am trying to figure out where that will be now but just looking it would be easy to go back to Paris but I have been there 2 times already thinking about maybe Budapest in Hungry or Lisbon in Portugal but we will see.

Willow is doing well she was weighed again yesterday and now weighs 14 pound she is a chubby bubby that's for sure but it shows the goodness of breast feeding I suppose. I have Sunday Monday off this week and we have to go to Melbourne on Sunday for Rebecca's family Christmas get together at her nan's place, it will be ok I will get to have some beers with her uncle Paul who may be able help me out with where I should go as he has traveled extensively in Europe.

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de said...

Awww! she has two chins like Owen! Breastmilk rocks, huh.

She's a beauty!