Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yesterday was Aunty Lorna's memorial service it was held in Mirboo North in the shire hall and was a fitting tribute to her.

Rebecca and I had some spare time so we stopped at K-mart and Big w and guess what we bought some more cloths for Willow.

Rebecca got up this morning to feed willow when she woke and we found her on her back most of you would be thinking whets so strange about that well she sleeps on her stomach 100% of the time so she has rolled over in her sleep, its so funny watching her on her play matt try and roll she just cant seem to get right over she gets about 75% but her arm seems to stop her and then she gets really frustrated.

On the work front I am applying for another job, there is a Rivers store opening in sale and they are looking for a shop manager so I am going to have a go at it I don't think I will get it but he who snoozes loses. Rivers is a chain of clothing outlet stores.

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