Saturday, February 11, 2006


This photo was taken about 6 weeks ago but is one of my favourites.

Well its been a while since I last updated just getting abit slack in my old age i guess.

Congrats to my cousin Niomi and her husband Russel who had a baby boy this week they called him Caleb.

My mother and sister are off to Perth today to visit my brother they should have a good time from all reports Perth is a beautiful city.

I officially missed out on my tickets for the world cup in Germany but we may still go for a holiday there later this year.

Willow continues to grow she is nearly 8 kilograms now becoming a big girl and she is starting to teeth she is dribbling everywhere also when on her belly she is starting to pull her legs up under her so crawling wont be far away.


de said...

She is so beautiful! Seriously, can you believe how fast they are growing?

Anonymous said...

Willow is a spitting image of Uncle Neil we reckon.. Shes so cute, shes growing fast:)