Saturday, March 11, 2006

First off "Happy Birthday" to my brother Wayne for his birthday during the week.

Willow once again headed to the community nurse weigh bridge as we call it she is now 8.35 kilograms and 67 cm long. Willow is just about into size o clothes and growing. She is trying to talk and is making more noises and sound as everyday goes by.

Our friends Scott and Rachel who will be Willow's God parents when we finally get around to getting her christened are coming up today for the night we will be going to the Maffra Mardi gras. Its ment to be 32 degree's here today so it will be a hot one a good night for the Mardi gra.

received some pictures from our Friend Detmar( as you can all see) who lives in Munich who tells me they have had the most snow there this season in the past 67 years sometimes I wish we lived where it snowed I think it would be fun for a while and fun for Willow and I to be able to go out and play in the snow. There will be no snow when we go to visit in September.

On Monday gone we went and got Willow a passport what a mission that was do you know how hard it is to get a baby to stay still not turn her head and not have her mouth open when you get her passport photo's taken, we got one lot taken and they would not accept them because her mouth was open and her head was slightly tilted I mean Jesus how can you control a baby that cant listen too you. In the end they got a white sheet layed it on the ground put willow on it and she behaved like a little princess and did all the right stuff, the photo was taken the application was filled out I handed over my $86.00 and it will be back in a couple of weeks, then I will book us some tickets to Europe.

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