Friday, April 21, 2006


I payed for our airline tickets in full today after prompting from the travel agent that the tickets could rise in price because of the price in oil now that they are payed for they cant enforce a price rise on me. Petrol in our part of the world at present is hitting the $1.40 a litre mark, can my overseas readers drop me a comment with how dear petrol is there countries or there part of the countries.

Willow has taken up a bad habit as of late when she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs changing she has all of sudden started crying which is no good for her dad's sleep I can tell you I usually sleep through her nappychanges/feeding during the night but not now its strange she has never cried before except when she was 0-1 month old when getting her nappy changed.

I picked up Willow's high chair today so she will start feeding out of it very soon yes now she is my big girl now real does not much interest her at present but its funny the look on her face when she tries something new at present she is happy with her banana and pear farax rice cereal which just gets shoveled in every night nearly a full bowl full and I can tell you that stuff is over rated looks like clag and tastes like shit I say.

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Fionna said...

Try paying 94p (AU$2.25!!) per litre, that's what it is here in Manchester! Bloody rip off - wish I was paying only $1.40...