Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter to All my readers Family, Friends and Stranger where ever in the world you are.

Heading to lakes Entrance today for the night to my parents house my sister and her family will also be there. First we have to go to rebecca's parents house on the way as its her brother Jim's 16th birthday.

Its been a hard week this week Willow had been very moody and very clingy almost always seeking attention and not really playing by herself just needing constant attention which I think is starting to wear a bit thin with her mother at times, which seems to put a lot of pressure on our relationship, Rebecca is always tired and I am not much of help at times sometimes I add to her frustration by not helping enough and not being tidy enough, I really do try but sometimes its not enough I just wish I could read her mind, I can really see why having children kill some people relationships, but hay we will work through it all.thats enough about talk about feeling I say.

Willow seems to be getting stronger and smarter as the days go by we where clicking our fingers last night at her and she started trying to do it straight away, she know waves goodbye when you say goodbye willow and plays peek-a-boo with you she will cover her eyes with her hand and then quickly take them away when you say it to her.

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