Monday, April 03, 2006


Well Saturday was Willow's 6 month Birthday the time flies when you are having fun, well that's if fun includes changing nappies, whipping up drool and listening to Willow cry nah its really been great.

Willow is slowly moving onto solid foods she had a Rusk well tried to chew on it just made abig mess but she seemed to like it, so we are going to try some rice cereal, the solid food bits we have given her seem to give her wind my poor little chicken she is farting like a trooper ( but she has always farted) .

My brother is back in town not that I have seen him yet he will roll in at sometime I would assume he is staying with friends in maffra. We have have to go to my sisters on Wednesday night for a family dinner my mom and dad are coming down from lakes Entrance

Did not do much on the weekend even though I had it off watched Walk the Line the Johnny cash story thought it was a good movie and the actors did a great job singing his songs.

Well back to work today probably not much happening there I took it upon myself last week to straighten out out Manchester department and update it with new stock we had run it down the the bare minimum so i guess I am getting in touch with my feminine side well someone has to do it and Chantelle well she does not seem to want to do anything except sit there and collect her pay till she leaves to have her baby. Ah it was fun anyway checked out all the websites for the different Linen companies and ordered some Sheridan, Private Collection and Sanderson top end linen so here's hoping it works as my boss gave me a $5000 budget to get it back and happening. Guess who's butt is on the chopping block if it don't , mine nah my boss is ok he will just give me shit about it if we don't sell any.

Looking at booking our ticket to Europe this week have changed the places we are going the flight i wanted was fully booked on the days we wanted so looks like we will be going Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Budapest and Munich

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