Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now that Australia has exited the world cup I will be pulling for either Germany or Argentina to win from here on in because well I love Germany as a holiday spot and my first world cup memory as a child is watching Diego Maradonna play.

Our shop had another late night sale last night and I worked till 10pm it was ok made a few sale's but it was nothing great. Chantelle finished up at work yesterday and thank god we all say she is pregnant and really has not been too interested in work for the last 3 months she was really just there to score a pay and thats it and kelly her replacement seems much better at her job already than Chantelle was.

Heading to Melbourne this weekend to see Scott and Rachel and family have not caught up with them since March when they came and visited and a added bonus for Rebecca is that Rachel works at a baby shop.

received an E-mail of my friend Detmar in Germany yesterday with some plans for whats in store when we visit latter this year ( only about 8 weeks till we head to Europe). Looks like we will be spending some days in Munich and some days on the road visiting Frieburg and the black forest I for one cant wait.

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