Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well yesterdays Sale was just as expected very slow we had our normal Saturday Morning trade through then it totally dropped off as usual I went home at 6pm but the others had to stay till 10pm and it would have been very slow and boring.

Willow has been trying to stand up yes that's right trying to stand up she moves over to the edge of the couch especially when the cat is on there and tries to pull herself up and stand yesterday at Rebecca'a moms house she crawled over to Wilma ( nana) and did pull herself up to her feet which is excellent for someone her age. We have been shopping for clothes for willow the last few weeks especially Summer clothes as it will be summer when we get to Europe and she has mainly winter clothes at present, also on the shopping list is a stroller as we dont wont to lug our 3 wheel pram around.

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