Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yesterday we headed to Melbourne to attend the funeral of Rebecca's uncle Lennie, Rebecca got to see some cousins she had not seen in a long time. Its always a bit strange going to family events on Rebecca side as her mothers and her sisters and brothers don't all talk to each other dating back to a family falling out some time ago.

Willow was excellent she slept nearly all the way down there which was great and then slept most of the way home but she had a big day my little chicken and was very grumpy by the time we got home 11 hours after leaving. We stopped in at Fountain Gate shopping center on the way home and grabbed some dinner and bough Willow some toys as Toy Kingdom was having a sale.

My father has a computer and I can tell you know one his age who has never used a computer before should be allowed to own one that's for sure. I have fielded more phone calls off him this week than ever before with questions like how do you connect to the internet, what does this mean ect ect, I am going to tell him next time to ring my brother Wayne he will love me for it wont you Wayne?.

We have a 10pm sale on tonite at work but luckily I have only to work till 6pm which is ok but still 2 hours more than a normal Saturday as usual it will be a waste of time and we will probably do no more sales than a normal day, this sort of thing works in the city but not really in country, but hay head office only think about profits and nothing else.

Well the World Cup kicked off last night with a win to Germany, The Ausssies play there first match on Monday night against Japan which is a must win game for us as we play Brazil in the second match.

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