Friday, July 07, 2006


Well I have not posted in about a week sorry about that been a bit slack and busy the days just seem to fly by now with willow around and our holiday keeps getting closer by the day.

Last weekend we went to Melbourne and stayed at Scott and rachel's house for the night as usual it was good to see them and catch up with them did not do much just sat around talking and having a few cans.

On the way home we stopped at Fountain Gate Westfield Shopping center and looked around there for a while. Can anyone tell me what the go is with Crispy Cream donuts they have just opened the first store in Australia at fountain gate and the line was about 100 meters long so needles to say I did not get one but hay they must be one good donut for people to wait that long.

Work has been really great since Chantelle left kelly her replacement is far more efficient and that makes life so much easier for us all lets just hope and prey she does not come back from maternity leave.

Willow is now crawling all the time and standing up on things I walked into her room the other morning to find her standing up in her cot waiting for me to get her, she is always standing in the lounge room against the couch which is great for her but not so great when she falls down and starts crying but hay we all did it and survived.

The price of petrol is really confusing these days I got petrol yesterday in maffra here and it was 1.45 a liter I drove to Sale where I work and only paid 1.31 a liter there is no way there should be that much difference.

The Australian government came through with a tax cut this week which is great means an extra $15 a week in my pocket instead of therer's and Rebecca payments for Willow also increased . Good to see the Government spending there surplus well and giving back to the normal people.

The 2006 World Cup will come to an end this weekend. I am hoping France win because Zidane deserves his last game to be special and the fact that Italy only got there because of there dodgy penalty against Australia. My most disappointing team of the tournament England who ONCE again promised so much but delivered some of the most boring football of the tournament my best teams to watch where Ivory Coast, Germany and Australia. Go the French

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Maria said...

Sorry about your Socceroos-- they didn't deserve to go so soon.

And I agree-- I'll be rooting for a good sendoff for Zidane and Barthez.