Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well my last Sunday at work for about 7 weeks, finding it really hard to be motivated at work knowing that next weekend we will be packing to go the Europe on Monday.

Last night we went around to the MacGregor's (possum and colleen's) for dinner my other friends Adam and Kim where also there. Colleen dished up some nice food some sort of meatballs wrapped in bacon and based ina tomato sauce with melted cheese on top, also a chicken and ricotta pastry with salad followed up by a beautiful chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and strawberries and washed down by 6 German beers. It was a good knight we headed home at about 10pm to put willow to bed but she outlasted all the 4 macGregor kids who where in bed before that( wish willow would go to sleep early like them).

We have been busy making lists of what we are going to pack and need to take with us so far I have thrown 3 thing in a bag tp start the process but packing for Willow will be that hardest she has so many clothes and I am not joking her mother could open a second hand clothes shop with all the clothes that child has. Its been hard working out with all the airlines what we can take for Willow since we will be flying on 5 different airlines Qantas, KLM, Smart Wings, Air Berlin and Condor. Some will let you take a bag on board for Willow some will allow you to store a bag in the luggage hold some will let let you take your pram on board some wont it would be much easier if they all had the same set of rules to follow.

My bag will include

5 - T-shirts
2 - shorts
2- pants
1- shirt
1 - Jumper
7 - pairs of socks
1 - wind breaker coat
1- pair of shoes
1 - toilet bag
1 - battery charger

It will be easier to buy anything else I need while over there plus the fact that I wlll be wearing a set of clothes as well, in the last 2 trips to Europe I have over packed both times and this time around I wont be falling into the same trap.

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