Friday, September 29, 2006

Well we are back from our adventure a bit tired from it all but with some great memories. Anyone thinking of traveling with a baby just do it its not that hard in the end the plane flights where the hardest aspect especially the 13 hours from Singapore to Amsterdam.

We arrived Amsterdam 5.13 am got after a long flight willow as pretty good on the plane and slept for about 7-8 hours on the Singapore Amsterdam leg of the flight. The Qantas flight was good she was awake most of the time the food was good the in flight entertainment was excellent they had movies and music on demand. KLM on the other hand was shocking no food choice no back of seat screens still TV in the isles only beer or wine to drink and the food was shocking it was heinze microwave food and we where also offered a noodle cup whoop pee I could buy one for 1 dollar yeah really disappointing if possible please avoid KLM long haul flights.

so finished my wine about KLM so got to Amsterdam and caught the train into Central station and grabbed a cab to our hotel watch the cabbies in Amsterdam they have a habit of overcharging and I may have paid 3-4 euros too much

to be continued

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