Friday, October 06, 2006

We stayed in Amsterdam for 4 days, I love Amsterdam its one of my favourite cities in the world its just a good place to visit nice and small and you can do lots of exploring by foot there is plenty of little streets and alleyways full of shops. We had a couple of short days while we got over the plane flight but then hit the town on foot and did a lot of exploring. We went to Albert Crypt market the biggest in Europe says lonely plant, heineken, Vondel park. Willow loved all the birds outside the Amsterdam-American hotel there is nice fountain where we would feed the birds and from then on everything was a "bird".

We headed to Schipol airport via the shuttle bus from the Marriott hotel to catch our flight to Prague with KLM cityhopper which was better than KLM normal service nice easy 1 hour flight and landed in Prague expecting to be greeted by a taxi waiting for us that was supposed to be organized by the apartment we where staying at. Well you guessed it there was no taxi and terminal 2 did not have any phones so had to walk to terminal one and the phones only took phone card and could not find anywhere to buy one and my mobile was not connecting with the apartment owner.Walked back and finally got in touch got a cab to apartments. Prague is a visually stunning city but I don't think you would need more than 2 full days there. We went to Charles bridge walked up a serious big hall to the castle district on the hill checked out the old city center and visarad hill. Rebecca and willow here both sick in Prague so we did not have the best time there but the beers where cheap.

Got picked up by a taxi at 3.45 am to go to the airport where we where flying with smartwings to Paris . Paris we love Paris it a great city we caught roissery bus into the city and got a cab to our Ibis hotel near sacre Cour. Rebecca and willow had a sleep while I walked around and explored having a few beers along the was and was also offered a sexual message for 20 euros which I declined. We went to the usual places Sacre Cour, Arc de triumph, louve, Eiffel tower, Notre dame cathedral. We also meet up with Alan and Dee, Alan is a long time friend from England and Dee his new partner who we had never meet. Dee is a lovely girl and we hope to see her again and I think Rebecca loved some female company as did willow love having someone new to play with. Hopefully Alan and Dee will move to Australia.

Left our Hotel at 6am and caught shuttle bus to the airport for our air Berlin flight to Budapest we had to stop in Nurnberg Germany for 2 hours. Arrived in Budapest and yes our taxi was waiting which was great it took us to our apartment which was in agreat position just near vaci ucta the main shopping district. What can I say about Budapest we just both loved it greatly its a beautiful city with friendly people and great weather, there is a lot to see, eat and drink. We visited the castle, fisherman battalion, parliament, hero's square, chain bridge monument park the great market. Anyone thinking of going to Europe do your self a favor and go to Budapest you wont be disappointed.

Off to Munich on Condor air was very sorry to be leaving Budapest will definitely go back again. Flight to Munich was about 1 hour 10 minutes nice an deasy my friend Detmar was a little late picking us up but it was all good we went back to his apartments dropped our stuff of and headed to the Taxis beer garten for some beers and food. The next day we took off to fervor's in west of Germany for a few days where we stayed with Thomas and Adriana, Detmars friends they where great people and very nice and will be our friends for life now and hopefully they will come to Australia one day. We toured around some little villages in a wine making area crossed back into France and went to a beautiful castle on a hill and headed back to Munich 3 days later. We spent days walking around Munich city Munich is another of my all time favorite cities and has the best beers in the world especially spaten and franziskaner. We went to another castle Herrenchimse its a copy of Versailles in Paris built on a island by King Ludwig it was magnificent but then all the German castles I have visited are great. Went to oktoberfest it was amazing will definitely be going back when willow is old enough to leave home imagine 10,000 people in a tent 120x80 meters wide all singing dancing and having a great time drinking 1 liter steins of beers it has to be seen to be believed. We also went to a meddle aged festival about 70 kilometers out of Munich it was great people dressed up as knights and maidens they where serving old time food and drinks and selling stuff it was excellent. We left Germany under the clouds of rain and headed back to Australia via Amsterdam and Singapore.

if anyone has any questions about any places we have been please ask me.

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