Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another weekend spent at work and my Monday off has disappeared since once again they have decided to have a midnight sale which will yet again fail miserably but like all big business its the eternal chase for the dollar and the continual abuse of the workers rights which states that we must have 2 weeks notice for change of roster.

Its Melbourne Cup day on Tuesday the race that stops a nation they say don't know much about the horses this year but will have a wager as usual the funny thing is that a lot of people only have a bet once a year and its on the cup but in reality its the hardest race to bet on because there is 24 horses in it from Australia, Europe, Asia and the US.

We where going to get married in October/ November next year but will now put it off till Febuary/ march 2008 as one of the girls I work with wants to get married around the same time which would make it hard to get time off for it and have some time off afterwards as well for a honeymoon.

Off to Melbourne enxt weekend for Rebecca's uncle Paul's wedding. Paul and Marie are getting married then moving to England to live for well who knows how long it will be so I guess next time we go overseas England will have to be on the list I have stayed away from England in the past because its like Australia and its very expensive. Planning another trip in 3 years or so most likely 4 years because I am due long service leave then and we can go for 8 weeks or so.

I bought myself a guitar the other day its a Heineken guitar in green with heineken on it its mainly for my collection of Heineken merchandise but rebecca's brother Jim plays guitar and I mean plays really well so he is going to give me some lessons and we will see if I can learn a few

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