Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Bordem

"will someone come and kill me" that's how bored i am sitting here at work no customers and no sales just watching the clock move slowly around in circles.

Well tomorrow was going to be the same but now i have to drive to Fountain Gate ( of Kath and Kim fame if anyone watches that.) and pick up an outdoor setting for a customer that got fucked up. Its about 200 kilometers away on the outskirts of Melbourne and yes it will not be a pleasure driving there on Christmas eve the traffic will be horrendous but it will beat the hell out of sitting in the shop for 7 hours.

Going to my sisters tonight for dinner as its her birthday i bought her a stieff teddy bear when we where in Germany so hopefully she likes it as she collects teddy bears but usually only Russ bears but Steiff are a premium product.

Speaking of premium products i bought a box of Heineken beers to celebrate Christmas with and got a free 1.5 litre Magnum of Heineken with it which will go on display in my bar shed when its finished.

Received some good news that Alan my mate from England and his fiancee Dee will be attending but first will have to work out an exact date yes Alan we are working on it but will be some time in either March, April or May of 2006 was going to have it in February but we where a bit worried it could be very hot and i don't want to be stuck in a suit all day if its going to be 35 degree's

The bush fires are still burning in the mountains and have now burnt over 870,000 hectares at this stage no towns are in Danger but the fires could burn on for another month or so yet. We are still being effected by smoke some days when the winds are blowing our way. To put into size the fires would cover about 10% of Great Brittan

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