Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well the bush fires are still blazing away in the Victorian alpine regions the cool weather in the last few days has stopped them coming out of the mountains and onto the plains at this stage which keeps maffra safe at present but we are always on alert. Tomorrow could see a change in that with 34-37 degree's forecast with Northly winds which will push the fire this way but I don't think it will seriously effect us.

On a brighter note Willow Paris took 4 steps yesterday so she is starting to get there with the walking she goes really well for a few days then seems to forget what she has achieved. Rebecca made the mistake of putting SHREK on the other day now we can not get her away from it just loves it and cant get enough if we have to watch SHREK one more time I am going to kill SHREK, DONKEY and PRINCESS FIONNA. Speaking of SHREK and PRINCESS FIONNA the electrical boss and his partner are dead ringers for them.

Well Christmas is nearly here and will be gone just as quick I have 4 days off which is like a world record for days off when you work in retail and for one of the most greedy companies on earth. My brother is going to Thailand for Christmas and I so good on him wish I was joining him.

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Alan said...

Good to hear Willow is starting to walk my friend, We just brought Cars for Scott for xmas so can guess what we will be watching through all the festivities.

Am glad the fires arn't as bad as they were last week else there wouldn't be much of victoria left for me to move over too!!! I just hope they havn't impacted production of that great aussie favorite VB!!!