Sunday, January 14, 2007

Did some more work on the shed on Friday we now have a full wall not just the frame so its progressing nicely. Had the electrican over the other week and just waiting to get some electrical cord so Garry and i can run it through the shed framing and then the electrician can come and hook up the power. Hopefully by mid year it will be finished and my room will be built.

The hot weather has continued and we are on stage 3 water restrictions which means no water plants or gardens by hose, no washing cars by hose and other similar measures. Rebecca and i have a hose hooked up to our sink that the washing machine water drains into and it drains the water out onto our lawn so it stays a little green instaed of just dirt like it has been.

Willow is now walking around all the time probably doing more walking than crawling now which is great for her she gets lazy sometimes and crawls i tell Rebecca she gets it off her the laziness and she says " BULLSHIT WYLD" she gets that off you and yes she is probably right there. Her sleeping patten has been a bit erratic again she has been waking in the middle of the night again.

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