Monday, January 08, 2007

Went to lakes Entrance on saturday night after work for my Brother in law Garry's birthday it was a really hot day well it had been a couple of really hot days in the mid 30's. We had a BBQ and some drinks it was a good night.We went out to lunch yesterday and then i bought some bread and let Willow feed the swans and the sea gulls.

The bush fires are still burning in the Alpine region but away from us now more in an easterly direction above lakes Entrance and it is turning turning the sky dark there as well while we where there on saturday night ( see pIc).

A Happy Birthday to Dee on Tuesday hope its a nice day in the UK

Also the Australian cricket team won a clean sweep 5-0 against England in the ashes series only the second time in history and the first time since 1922. Bring on the one day cricket so we can kick there arse again, GO AUSSIES.

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