Friday, February 23, 2007

Well the engagemnet party went off very well we had about 70 odd people there and a good night was had by all , i will post some pictures later when i get some off my sister.

It was a bruttely hot day around 38 degree's so the the beer was ice cold and going down like a treat. Scott, Rachel ( willow's god parents), rebecca and I walked home and got back to our house around 2.45 am.

We scored around $1000 worth of gift vouchers from harvey Norman and we have ordered an new lounge suite and the old one will go out to the barshed when its completed.

It has been terribly hot over here again today is the 9th day ina row over 30 degree's and yes we are all melting and looking forward to some cool weather and rain.

I have just returned to work after the week off did not do much on holidays it was too hot just lazed around in front of the air con. We went to the pool with willow and she had a swim on Tuesday. She just loves the water must get that off me i love going swimming.

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