Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Ultimate Guy Gadget

Today I purchased the ulimate Guy gadget its called the BEER MATE. Rebecca mind you nearly divorced me for buying it but i needed it for the bar/shed

Read the about the beer mate below and guys you will all need one.

Sunbeam has introduced the ultimate accessory for barbecues and other social get togethers: Beer Mate, a universal beer and drink cooler with a tap system that allows hosts and guests to pour their own chilled beer at home.

Ideal for when friends meet to watch sporting events, the Sunbeam Beer Mate is suitable for use with five litre commercial beer kegs and also comes with a refillable six litre universal keg for home brew, wine or soft drinks. It comes with multiple adaptors to suit different style kegs.

Beer Mate also features a thermostat controlled compressor which chills beer and automatically maintains the desired drink temperature. As well, the beer and drink cooler has variable temperature control which ensures different beer styles are enjoyed at their optimum serving temperature, regardless of whether it’s lager, ale or stout.

so there you go the BEER MATE it will be a valued member of the shed/bar or as i am now going to call it after drawing inspiration from trips to Germany "The Wyldbrau House"

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