Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well we are in Lakes Entrance at my parents house for the night house for the night, willow loves it when we go and see grandman and grandpa especially Grandma's dogs basi and shadow.

Rebecca has found a full time job at McDonalds in Sale running the new McCafe that they are currently building there. She has to go to Traralgon next week maybe for training as the McCafe in Sale is not built yet.Me on the other hand will become a stay at home dad if i cant find a job soon but i had an interview during the week for a job and got a call yesterday from another business looking for a sales person so i have to go in there for an interview on monday.As much as financailly its hurting me i dont regret quiting at Harvey Norman

We are heading home this afternoon and going out to dinner tonight in Sale its Jarrods birthday another ex- harveys man and former 2.I.C of the electrical side of the business.

Pretty much have not been doing too much got going abit on thursday and went and bought some wood and made another vegetable garden to start planting some summer vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, lettuce and stuff like that that you can put in summer salads. We will prepare the ground this week but my dad tells me its a bit early to plant some of them yet as the ground is still too cold for the summer vegetables.

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