Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Well i have not posted in a while so thought i better update.

where to start well the job at Retrovision did not work out i quit after a few days once i got there and did a few days i realized that i just don't think i want to be in sales anymore for now anyway. Its something i will do again but not at present. We where having a hard time finding child care for Willow so i made the problem easier i would find a part time job and look after willow.

I started my part time job today back at the petrol station here i worked prior to starting work in sales and its great just what i want to do for a while and the money is better than Harvey Norman as i am classed as casual. I get 16 hours standard and fill in when needed for the full timers. I work on a monday till Friday 8am till 4 pm which is great and with Rebecca working full time we will be making more money than ever.

Willow had her first major fall the other day. We where out at the monthly Jack Kelly sale and she tripped over and split her lip on the ash felt. She had blood running everywhere. I thought rebecca was going to pass out she did not handle seeing her daughter bleeding very well went a shade of white.

The backyard is coming along excellent have made the patio area and some new garden beds some hopefully by summer all our flowers will have bloomed and our backyard will great for bbq season.photo's will follow soon of the improvement.

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