Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well things have been going well with the new arrangement i have so far very much enjoyed staying home with Willow and keeping the house clean. We have been going to the park most days and playing for an hour or so which seems to tire her out for a sleep. or we will go out and play in the veggie garden / back yard. I go to the park and it makes you realize what a good place to bring up children it is in the country at Maffra .There is usually no one at the park you don't have to wait for the children to play you don't have to worry about needle's or people around your child and when you do meet up with people down there you have a chat its great as you know alot of people already who live here. Small country towns like Maffra are excellent places to bring up a child and i recommend it to anyone who has or is planning on having a child

Rebecca has been very busy with her new job and a tad grumpy as well she is certainly not used of getting up at 4am to be at work by 5. Rebecca seems to like her job in the mcCafe its just the starting time that puts her off. Willow has been a bit funny towards her since she she started work and seems to now come to me more since i now look after her which i think is not pleasing her mother.

My job so far has been excellent and i am really enjoying the fast paced nature of always having a customer compared to Harvey Norman where you might have one customer all day i say FUCK that they can have it. I work with Wendy on Mondays and Paul on Fridays which is great i used to work with these two when i first worked at the petrol station and we have always had a great relationship ( so up your arse Greg).

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