Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sporting Hero's

Everyone has there sporting Hero's. For me there has only really ever been one who was my idol that man is Greg Norman. The amount of Early mornings that i got up before School to Watch Norman come down the line on a Sunday in Major only to be disappointing numerous times. That was the thing about Norman he could do anything win easy or loose easy but if you spend 331 weeks as world number one you where always in contention. As a Young Golfer i would buy Cobra Clubs as that is what Norman used and Tour Edition balls as well


So what a week its been to see Greg Norman back on top of a major leader board at The British Open at age 53. It must have been nearly 10 years since Greg has been in contention but for me and my golf buddy Hags its like a dream come true to watch the Shark in Contention again. I can only dream that Greg will still be in contention coming down the Line on Sunday but hay What dream it is

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