Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well its been nearly three weeks since Marley was born. She is a very good little baby. Willow was a very high maintenance baby who liked to be held all the time where Marley is happy just to lay on the floor and kick. She was size 0000 and is already into a size ooo so she is growing. I find it very hard to remember Willow when she was this small, the little noises and faces that they make is always very funny. Marley is a sleeper and will happily sleep for 4-5 hours at a time "Thank God" where Willow was well over 1 before she slept that long..

Had My Aunty Carole's 60th birthday party in Traralgon last night. Its always good to catch up with Family you have not seen for a long time. My cousins Simon and Sharon who are both my age and who i spent alot of time with when i was younger where there and it always great to catch up and have a beer with them and others.

Well the Golf is going good love playing would love to play more but that not possible all the time. I was given an initial handicap of 10 which i played off yesterday and i had 2 shots better than that. I had a an 80/70 net. The TaylorMade Burner Driver i bought is the best Driver i have ever used its nearly impossible to miss a Fairway with it. I am scanning ebay for a TaylorMade 3 wood hopefully I will pick one up soon cheaper and possible second hand.

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