Sunday, October 05, 2008

I thought i better update since it has nearly been a month since the last one.

Willow turned 3 the on the 1st of October, man 3 already they grow fast well time goes fast the older you get. I remember when in High School when you could not wait to get older and now you wish you could get younger.Yesterday we had a party for willow at home and had some family and friends around it was a good day. It started at 12 and we finished up at about 8 last night. Had plenty of beers and a BBQ and a good time was had by all. Willow's god parents Scott and Rachel ( yes rach I have finally updated) came down from Melbourne for the afternoon. Some of Rebecca's friends from playgroup turned up and Andrew and i settled in for some beers well alot by the time Emily dragged him out of here at about 8.

Well the AFL Grand Final was on last week and the Hawks won. They got lucky and got up at the right time. Geelong which lost only lost one game all year and then where beaten in the Final. Sometimes i think we should have a soccer system where the team that wins the most games wins the title, it would be fairer for sure and Geelong would have been awarded the title for being the best team which they where.

The weather has been getting warmer here and summer is coming. Had the first BBQ for the season on Thursday night with many more to come and daylight saving starts tonight here so more daylight as well. I love daylight savings means you can have people around for bbq's and still do things after dinner.

Have a pretty busy month this one ahead, have to attend my Brothers Wedding reception ( he had a small wedding early last month and is now having a reception this month)on the 17 and then have to go to Scott and Rachel 10 year Wedding anniversary party. 10 years man i remember there wedding day i was the best man they got married in a nice park and we got a limo back to the wedding reception.I guess i better start doing some Christmas shopping soon as well since that will be here before long as well.

and finally go the Melbourne Storm tonight in the NRL grand final even if the league have tried to screw then over i say stick it right up the NRL bastards in Sydney who dont like Melbourne and the success the storm have had.

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