Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heading back to Yarram today to play golf again as i will miss Maffra golf tommorow. Looking forward to takling Yarram again and this time coming out on top of it.

Going to Melbourne Tommorow on the train with my Rebecca and the kids plus Rosie, Steven and my Mum we are taking the kids to show them the Christmas windows at Myer in the city and do some last minute Christmas shopping. My mate Detmar in Munich has been asking for a polo top with Melbourne on it so i will finally get the chance to buy him one.It will be the first time i have travelled to melbourne on the train since i was a teenager and its quiet cheap if you have concession only $17 return.

I have to work a few hours on Christmas day from 2 till 5.30 which is not too bad as i still get to have Christmas lunch and Dinner but i am straight back there boxing day morning at 4am but hay what can one do when you work at a business that is open 365 days of the year and 20 hours a day they want the dollars and us minions just help them make it.

Marley is such a rabbit she is always rolling around and moving she is wanting to crawl and brings the knee's up under her and gets so frustrated that she cant move but it will happen soon, she has also started eating solid foods well puree anyway. Marley and Willow are so different so different Willow is such a little princess and Marley is very easy going. I tell Rebecca that Willow is like her and Marley like me.

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