Sunday, March 21, 2010

hi all

Hi all well yes i am still alive and so is the family its been nearly 12 months since i blogged. Facebook and other social networks seems to have made blogging obsolete, its alot easier to let people know what is going in your life. Since its been so long no one probably reads it anymore but hay.

The girls are growing up very fast with Willow turning 5 this year, how crazy is that she will be off to school next year. Marley well she is nearly 2 and into everything she is just plain made. Into absolutely everything a one baby wrecking machine who keeps both bec and i eternally busy.

Have over the last 12 months been getting together some camping equipment as i have wanted to take the girls camping. Well a couple of weeks ago we went on our first camping trip to Buchan Caves. I had to borrow a trailer off a mate to fit everything in but we got there ok. We camped out for 3 nights with some friends and had a ball. It was a great place to stay and there was lots of wildlife. Kangaroo's and possums everywhere especially at night. The possums would come around our camp and eat the food scraps. Planning another camping trip later in the year after our Wedding.

will update again hopefully!!

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