Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the man cave

My shed has always been a bain of contention between myself and Rebecca. Rebecca wanted a car and i wanted the shed so as she always says "you always get what you want". The shed was always there but it was like an open car port with a wall at the back. So it was built into a room. In the room now is a futon, bar, pool table, tv, stereo . Along with that the walls are adorned with beer banners, sports memorabilia and the roof covered wit beer placards. A true man cave and shed if there every was one. The shed was not just my man cave but it was to also be a place for friends to stay if we have guests from out of town and a place to entertain as our house is pretty small. Over the last few years as space has become a premium in our house due to kids and just the general amassing of shit that you collect my shed started to feel the brunt of this .Over time as the kids got more clothes and more clothes the old started to head to the shed. At its peak it probably contained 20 plus boxes of clothes plus shoes and all the other kids stuff that had past its used by date. Now my wife bless her and i love her but she has a slight problem with throwing clothes out.Thankfully her friend hayley persuaded her it was time to get rid of them. So slowly over the last month my shed has been in a transformation a bit like wheat turning into beer my shed has slowly gained its inner glow back and as of yesterday there is no more kids stuff in it and its returned to looking like the drinking den it was meant to be. Must say i am very proud of my wife for getting rid of it all and now just one thing left is to get her to agree to sell the rocking chair she used to beast feed in.

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