Wednesday, December 07, 2011


well i am back two posts in two weeks. Well work these days finds me working in disability support. I work at 4 different places George Gray Centre which is day placement like school for people with disabilities, Yooralla and E.w Tipping which are residential units for them to live in and Vista who have independent clients that live on there own but just need some guidance.

Alot of people say to me that it must be very rewarding to do that sort of work.I never really think of it that way though i got evolved when i needed a job so to me it was just a job. I like the job that i do and if that make a person with a disability happy then so be it i have done a good job. I am pretty lucky in the fact that i dont have alot of high needs clients that need bathing and toileting. Alot of the activities i do with them are recreational i go swimming, bike riding, fishing, go for a drive have a BBQ, Go the movies things like that. The money is pretty good well better than being a slave to Gerry harvey at Harvey Norman selling beds and shite like that.

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