Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Doctors Visit

We went for our monthly check up with doctor Wright yesterday and all is going fine, rebecca's blood pressure is normal and the baby is doing fine in there.

Rebecca had another placenta brain incident yesterday we went to Sale before our doctors appointment to finalize the carpet for the kids room after talking carpet we headed to the shopping complex, where Rebecca said I have to go to the chemist, I said I will meet you at the warehouse and she said o.k. Well she comes wandering in and she had forgot I was on holidays and had gone into Harvey Norman ( where I work) which is next door to the warehouse and asked where I was which is pretty crazy since I have been on holidays for the last 2 weeks and still not back at work. Ah well I guess there is a lot of hormones and stuff happening to her body.

Getting back to the carpet that will be finalized by tomorrow and then its full steam ahead, should cost around the $200.00 mark to get the room done but it will look much better.

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