Monday, May 30, 2005

The Great Debate?

Well to start off with just posted some photo's from we took in Europe a few years back just to get in the theme off things.

I have a definite thing for traveling especially overseas I've traveled to maybe 14 countries or more Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, England, Wales, France, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, UAE and Singapore. I love traveling seeing old things and experiencing different cultures foods and beers.

Now Rebecca and I where planning a trip to Europe again in October of 2005 but we will have other things going on then that will stop us like a brand new baby. We where talking about it the other day and decided that we would go when the baby's about 2 years old and we would probably go for 3-4 weeks and we would leave the baby with its grandparents!!. My Mom had no problem with this while Rebecca's mother thought it was a bit irresponsible to do that now I am not saying she is wrong and we are right . We also dont think its fair to drag a small kid around europe for a month going flat out every day which is what we do we hit the footpath walking and off we go, what do you guys think out there about it drop me a comment.

This all goes back to the entry the other day about letting a kid run your life, now this was something planned before we knew about peanut but don't you think its also fair that us parents get to do something for ourselves sometimes.


PAUL said...

Shouldn't u have been at work or do they let u out of the cage every now and then?!? Anyway u need to get out of the house at times and in ur case the country. Taking a child would be too much especially since l now how you party while overseas...

Anonymous said...

In my experience, traveling is actually easier with a younger baby, especially while they're still at the strap-'em-to-your-tummy-and-go stage. It's much harder when they're a toddler.

So maybe the trip in October wouldn't be such a bad idea... you could invest in a nice carrying backpack from one of the outdoorsy stores, and have a family adventure!

Denise said...

We plan to take our baby everywhere... IF we got tickets to the World Cup in 2006, we'd go. Baby Ike in tow! Unlikely now that the finances got reshifted.. but you know. We plan on being us as much as we can.

Everyone is different, your lifestyle is different so accomodate as you see fit.. whoever cares will get over it!

Maybe Grandma's want to split the month up...? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I took my first overseas trip at 6 weeks old. Needless to say, this yielded 2 things - that everyone thought my mother was crazy/inappropriate and that the travel bug would hold me for life!

I believe you need to be "taught" to travel - just like everything else. I plan to travel with my kids (although I don't think I will be up for a jaunt when the tike is 6 weeks old!). When to start I think depends on the child and what his or her particular needs are.

I have often heard parents of 10 year olds saying, "Oh, my children couldn't possibly handle a 10-hour car ride!" Well, that is probably because that was never the expectation!

Travel enriches all of us - with new perspectives from every journey...Sandra

Maria said...

It seems to me that two years is a long way away to start making traveling plans. As much as you don't want to think about it, a child will run parts of your life-- not all, of course. Personally, a vacation with grandma doesn't seem so awful, but again..... the Peanut hasn't popped out of the shell, so to speak. So you'll have plenty of time to do what's best for your budding family.