Saturday, May 28, 2005

Rebecca has her say!

We have a special guest writer today on my Blog Rebecca, the mom she will have her say an a few pregnancy issues that she has confronted so far

Hi Everyone, I am the pregnant one!!! (Thanks for that Scott!!) Mark has asked me to write afew things from my point of view. Things have been going well and thank god the old wives tales seem to have come to an end for the moment. Now it is the questions that I dread!! One's like how are your nipples?, Got any stretchmarks?, but my favorite one at the moment is Do you have a birth plan? When I say yes I am immediately asked what it is and when I reply with I hope to get to the hospital and have a baby I get the stangest looks and then they walk off!!! Sometimes the most direct answer is the best.

If you don't know we live in a small town and I used to work in a pub so everyone knows me and my partner. Don't get me wrong I love constuctive help but really when someone says to you, You do know it is going to hurt? They totally leave themselves open for the answer of No, I'd never heard that! Look my theory is just see how it goes. How am I supposed to know what is going to happen? My doctor is really good like that and he has told me not to worry about it now. So I'll stick with that. He's got a heap of certificates that say he knows what he is doing!!! I also love the fact that he delivered my three younger brothers, I think that is something to write is the baby book!! I also went on my first shopping trip with Rachel on the weekend and looked at so much stuff. I could have spent so much but I will get it in the long run. Thanks for the shopping trip Rachel. I had no idea what to buy and now I have some kind of idea or I could just be like Mark and buy it anyway!!!

Hope you all enjoyed Rebecca's contribution and I will see what I can do about getting her on here again in the mean time if anyone wants ask Rebecca anything you can contact her at

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De said...

I get a lot of "You are NOT going to want to be pregnant in the summer!!" Like I can help it, not to mention...I think I'll live!

I am so ready to finish up our registry so that its d-o-n-e. I really want to get stuff now too though!